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            1. Company Philosophy


              To become the Chinese enterprise that is respected by customers around the world.


              We are committed to improving customers' living by delivering energy-saving, environmental friendly, high quality, high-tech products and services to customers around the world.
              We operate the company with integrity and efficiency to create values for customers, employees, shareholders, society and cooperative partners.



              Since its establishment, Shenzhen MTC has been consistently making progress in delivering better products and services to our customers. For many years, the company has been widely recognized by the public and praised highly, receiving numerous awards including 'China Top 100 TMT Enterprise', 'China Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprise', 'Guangdong Honored Manufacturing Enterprise', 'Guangdong Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprise', 'China Top 500 Export Enterprise', 'Shenzhen Top 100 Enterprise', 'Shenzhen Headquartered Enterprise' etc.

              Shenzhen MTC was placed the fourth in the 'Shenzhen Top 100 cultural and creative Enterprise (2015-2016) after Tencent and two other companies. Facing fierce competition in the traditional manufacturing industry, Shenzhen MTC pioneered in the transition to a 'creativity+' enterprise, actively building our own Internet TV brand, FunTV. Thanks to Shenzhen MTC's outstanding industrial design capability, FunTV was awarded the 2016 "China Best Design" and the 2017 "Red Dot Design" acknowledging the company's craftsmanship spirit.



              Shenzhen MTC Headquarter

              Shenzhen MTC Industrial Park is located in Longgang District covering an area of 148 thousand square meters with a total construction area of 700 thousand square meters. Shenzhen MTC Industrial Park is a design, R&D, manufacture and sales center of Internet TV, set-top box, EPON/GPON, PLC, LED products and other products and services, equipped with a number of residential buildings, canteens, gyms, badminton courts, basketball courts, supermarkets and other facilities.

              Nanchang LED Industrial Park

              Nanchang LED Industrial Park which is under construction, is a design, R&D, manufacture and sales center of LED epitaxial wafers, chips and packaging covering an area of 270 thousand square meters.

              Employee Activities

              'The Voice of MTC' singing competition

              Employees are given the chance to sing on the stage and express their personalities.

              Shenzhen MTC Party Branch Committee

              Enhance the Party and politics construction, adhere to the Party's guiding principles, raise employees' political awareness, and bring the exemplary role of Party members into full play.

              Self-service library

              The 24-hour self-service library offers our employees convenient reading services.

              Cultural and Sporting Events

              In order to enhance our employees' wellbeing and enrich their leisure time, we organize a variety of cultural and sporting events such as basketball competitions and training courses in tai chi, yoga, aerobics, first aid etc.

              Annual Conference

              A companywide conference is held annually prior to the Chinese New Year in order to acknowledge employees' contributions in the past year and reward those with excellent performances. The annual conference offers all of our employees a stage to celebrate.

              Team Building

              We provide our employees with enriched leisure time events, including fantastic team-building activities each year. Through these events, our employees build up self-awareness and strengthen their recognition of the corporate family. These events help us unite everyone and build our firm culture.

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